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Blind or Pop Rivets

Blind rivets are also known as pop rivets, are cylindrical nail-like fasteners along a mandrel. These rivets are mainly used in that utilization where there is unreachable to the rear side of the joint. Rivets have a two-piece assembling; one is called the rivet body, and another is stem or mandrel. These both Pieces (Rivet body and mandrel ) are pre-fabricated and ready to use.
The main advantage of rivets is that there is inaccessible to over or under-torque a rivet. Unlike other types of rivets, these rivets can be used to fasten wooden or plastic materials aside from metal.
The most frequent application of these rivets is that they can be used just about anywhere if they are properly installed. The majority of them are used in RVs, Trailers, Aircraft, Machinery, Jeans, Small Electronics, Structural Beams, Battleships, and Submersibles.