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Cage Nuts

A cage nut is also known as a captive nut it inheres of a commonly square nut in a spring steel cage that wraps around the nut. The cage consists of two wings that when compressed allow the cage to be inserted into the square holes, for example, in the mounting rails of equipment racks. When the wings are released, they hold the nut in position behind the hole.
Cage nuts are made to lock into the square holes of a server, creating the ability for threaded screws to be inserted. By the use of the hand, it can be installed and removed from its place, but it may injure your hand. Rather than that it can easily be installed and removed by some tools.
The other advantage is that they can be replaced if the hole of the thread is deprived. If the hole of the threaded rack becomes deprived, the system of fixing, ignoring, or interchange the rack was very tiresome.
These nuts are essential for square hole racks except you are using tool-less rails and shelves.
CBH offers three main types of cage nuts that vary according to their size 10-32, 12-24, and M6.