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Conical Washers

The conical washer also known as Belleville washer, holds tight where heat or vibration might shake standard washers loose. The conical washer has a cone shape that compresses against the underside of the bolt head and into the furnishing material.
Conical washers can be reused, repeatedly, as long as they are not damaged. Overloading and over-torqueing these washers can wear them out over time. As long as they are used properly and checked before reuse, these fasteners can be used again and again to complete projects.
They are commonly used to bear remarkable high loads in small areas. These washers are very frequently used in different industries because they can absorb and dampen shocks and vibration as well. There are several advantages of using this washer likes -
•    Vibration Control
•    Pre-Load
•    Increased Load
•    Increased Deflection
•    Spacing
•    Dampen/Absorb Shocks