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D Nuts


The D Nuts for Wood is known for their unique external thread that ensured positive locking and gives strong resistance opposite pull-out due to tensile, vibration, or torsion loads. The head of the flange prevents the splitting of covered surfaces and driving the D nut is too far.
D Nuts are very suitable in some places where a tapped or drilled thread cannot be used for structural reasons like for sheet applications. Along with that, these nuts are extremely durable even stand in hot and cold temperature surroundings.
 D- nuts are self-tapping insert nuts that give a strong and permanent thread for wood and wood-based sheet materials, and mostly used in furniture assemblies.
 These Nuts are also widely used in other industries also like the automotive and electronic industry for designing high-precision components. But their frequent usage in building sheet metal applications. The propriety of these nuts is high as compared to other nuts due to their high load-bearing abilities without loosening with vibrations and small movements.
They are installed by simply screwing the self-tapping body into the base material.
CBH offers D nuts in a different types of finishes like opened or closed-end cold-forged stainless steel, carbon steel, or alloy steel.

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