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Dome Nuts

The Dome nuts are also known as acorn nuts. This nut is known for its dome-shaped projection or bulbous shape that looks just about like the round end of a nutshell.
Uses of Dome Nuts -
1) Cover up the Unsightly Part - The cap-like finish on the dome nut makes it the perfect fastener for capping off the metalwork practices. Due to that, it is used extensively in the automobile sector. We can say the noteworthy variation between this nut and the others is the domed shape.
2) Safe user from any injury - We have noticed these nuts are frequently used for the purpose of securing the potentially sharp ends of protruding threads. Dome nuts are easy to screw on and also save the user from any type of injury due to their end of a protruding thread.
3) Thread Stability - Furthermore, dome nuts can serve as a protective shield for your threads. With a dome nut in place, the thread will be protected from vibrations and other elements that may cause wear-and-tear.
CBH offers dome nuts in different materials brass, steel, nylon, or chrome plated.