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Flange Nylock Nuts


Flange lock nuts are one-piece, all-metal prevailing torque hex flange nuts. The protruding circular flange increases the nut's bearing surface allowing them to be used with irregular and oversized holes.  Hex flanged lock nuts have a nylon-filled collar, placed behind the nuts. The nuts come with a large circular base flaring out from the front. These screws secure the fastener by applying a downward force on it. Another way in which these nuts secure bolts is by creating extremely tight friction between the nylon and the threads.
The main common application of these nuts is they can with stand extreme amounts of torque and therefore, can be used in high strength and industrial applications include lawn and garden equipment and truck manufacturing. It can also protect oil or other liquids from slipping through. They are especially suitable for applications where there are constant movements and vibrations - flanged NY lock nuts can absorb the impact without damaging the threads of the fasteners.
 CBH provides these nuts in different materials and finishes like stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel.

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