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Gypsum / Drywall Screws

Gypsum / Drywall Screws

These screws are known for their incredible high strength and versatility in their application in multiple materials at diverse angles. Though these screws find their main application in the fastening of drywall to the projection on walls and roof beams. 

CBH offers Gypsum/Drywall screws in two different types as fine thread and coarse thread. Fine thread types are employed for the fastening of drywall to metal objects, where's coarse thread types are used for wood to drywall fastening. This difference in application is due to the difference in surface and gripping power of each type of thread. CBH offers you these screws in different variations as stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel.

These screws have been designed to bear more wear and tear while also making them more corrosion resistant    

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