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Hex Coach Screws

The Hex Coach Screw is also known as a lag screw or heavy-duty screw which has a square or hexagonal head and often knows as one of the toughest non-industrial screws. These screws are externally threaded cylindrical shaft that tapers to a point at the tip. They are primarily used for holding together heavy timber, fixing metal to timber, and in some cases masonry or concrete.
These screws are generally manufactured by cold forming and hot forming.
They can be used for fastening dense timbers with other dense timbers or thin metals. To stop the coach screw from becoming stuck in wood, rub the threaded shaft with hand soap. The screws come in a huge size, with a length of one inch and a thickness of a quarter inch. In addition to this, they have coarse threads which do not run the entire length of the screw. These screws require a pilot hole to be drilled before being drilled into place.
Furthermore, when using coach screws with masonry, dip the screw in oil before use. When tightening or loosening a coach screw it is important to use the correct size spanner, wrench, or impacts socket to avoid damaging the head of the screw.
In CBH the coach screw is available of steel material and offered in a number of different finishes like stainless steel, bright zinc plated, green organic coating, hot-dipped galvanized, etc.