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Metal Insert Lock Nuts

Metal Insert Lock Nuts are self-locking and can hold the materials together with an extremely high grip.  These are resistant to torque and general vibrations in whatever applications they are used. It requires high torque to remove an assembly which is fastened using these nuts. They can be used in extreme temperatures without the fasteners losing their electric and mechanic characteristics.
Metal insert lock nuts are known for their incredibly high tensile strength and can be used in relatively high strength applications to hold heavy loads. They are used in the engineering of heavy trucks, machinery, internal combustion engines, and hydraulic cylinders.  Hence, it is suggested to first mock-up the assembly before using these fasteners.
The products offered by CBH are resistant to corrosion and designed for precision component manufacturing. To achieve this, we use high-grade corrosion-resistant stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel as the materials of choice.