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Square And Hex Weld Nuts

Square weld nuts have four small projections in their back ends to facilitate their welding onto the surface of other metals.
 The most significant advantage of using these nuts is that they can be welded into even imperfect and irregular surfaces without losing their balance. The vast majority of weld nuts are manufactured in low carbon steel or stainless steel. They come with a pilot hole using which fasteners can be inserted. The pilot hole is used for precision feeding of fasteners, allowing them to be inserted quickly and accurately on the metal. This is due to the methods currently available to spot weld or projection weld the hardware to the joining material. These nuts are used in automobile and other industrial applications. The projections allow for precision seating of the fastener as well. Aftermarket products such as zinc plating are sometimes used to coat low carbon weld nuts giving it the rust-resistant properties of stainless steel at a substantial cost saving.
In addition to possessing very high shear strength, they can also be used in applications that need to resist extremely high torque.
At CBH it is available in stainless steel, carbon steel, and alloy steel.