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About Us

Company Profile:

Capital Bolts & Hardwares is a well-known name among the topmost suppliers and manufacturers of premium quality fasteners. It was founded by Mr. Ramprakash Nagpal in the year 1959, to meet the growing demand for quality products for fixings’ applications in bicycle parts, construction works, mechanical equipment, and household appliances. Over the past six decades, Capital Bolts & Hardwares has grown under the energetic leadership of 3 generations and evolved as a large-scale company of premium fastening products. The team capital has exerted immense efforts in promoting innovation through the consistent rise in the product range, the expertise of its employees, and amplifying its supplier base. Quality checks and activity control at each stage are followed as a custom to ensure to deliver value to the customer.

                Owing to an intrinsic pragmatic approach, the company has acquired the latest technology for producing the finest quality, hi-tech, and engineered fasteners. To keep pace with the rapidly expanding market and increasing demands for absolute reliability as well as product availability, the company is continuously developing new materials, improving its supply chain of fasteners, distribution technique, and inventing ingenious new methods. Capital Group has acquired prestige as the biggest supplier of fasteners in Ludhiana with considerate customer services, superior product quality, and in-time deliveries owing to a wide range of products in stock. Our customer base has been well established in India and abroad. We are exporting huge volumes to a number of countries and regions in the world such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and America.

Product Capabilities:

The company owes to a multifaceted approach to serving its customers for high tensile strength bolts, nuts, rivets, studs, washers, pins, bars, screws, threaded rods, and a number of other fastening solutions. We use over 5 thousand tonnes of metal every year to meet the present requirement of the fasteners industry in over millions of different shapes and sizes. The materials are available in all standard grades for Steel, Stainless Steel, Hardware Grade Steel, 18-8 Stainless, Alloy Steel, Silicon Bronze, brass or aluminum, such as 4.6, 4.8, 5.6, 6.8, 8.8, 10.9, 12.9, SS 202, SS 204, SS 304, SS 316 and so on. The types of finishes delivered are as per the requirement of the customer with speedy delivery due to the large vendor base. To enlist a few finishes; we fabricate fasteners with Hot Dip Galvanizing, Electro-Galvanizing, Black Oxides, Yellow Zinc Plaiting, White Zinc Plaiting, Trivalent Zinc, Chrome, Zinc Flake Coating, Dacromet, Geomet, Magni, Cadmium, PTFE, Xylan, Teflon Coating, Epoxy Coating, Phosphate finish or colored coatings. Various mechanical processes are used to produce standard or special products like slotted, knurled double-threaded, and special-shaped components. The products are devised with round, hexagon, square, or many more head types with thread diameter ranging from M3 to M68 and even beyond. The company holds an inventory of more than 20,000 types of metal fasteners readily available all the time. The product customization is also available with Technical CAD Drawing and sample approvals.

Industries we serve:

We are honored to be a part of numerous industries such as railways, solar energy, aerospace, pipeline, automobile, and so on with its goods sold be present as a part of their finished products. The high-quality products following universal standards as per ANSI, DIN, ISO, BS, ASTM, IS, EN are delivered to accommodate industrial needs and several utility applications. We feel proud to produce large hexagon head bolts for huge steel structures, foundation bolts to support bridges, guardrail bolts to be used in expressways, assembled bolts with nuts and washers for an imperative approach towards industry requirement.

Quality Policy:

The products are made available to the customer with all specifications as per requirements. The product made of the finest quality of raw material offers exceptional mechanical strength and impact resistance to meet the standards of application. To achieve a First-Time-Right, the company has aligned quality control and monitoring system. 100% Quality checking norms are displayed and followed at every step of order execution starting from raw material purchase to semi-finished and finished goods. During packing the random sampling and inspection system is derived from AQL 2.5. The company has engaged a separate Quality Assurance team and qualified workforce to ensure standardized product delivery to the customer. To improve the logistics and management information system, the company has made several tie-ups with the world’s best software team SAP, and hired industrial professionals from the top most colleges of the nation.



A person with a compelling personality, proactive, and insightful towards business needs, our chairman Mr. Satish Nagpal has taken the business initiated by his father far ahead-of-the-curve. Since his joining in 1970, he inserted the essence of fresh ideas into the small business of cycle parts. With his compassionate, courteous, selfless efforts and commitment, the company took growth with leaps and bounds. He is empathetic though thick-skinned, opportunistic as well as a man with strict morals and ethical values. He connects with others on a human level and has given a firm foundation with his core values to build a strong empire. His life mantra is ‘You think of you and your team as one unit to accomplish the goals for everyone’s growth together!’



A true entrepreneur envisioning his business through a positive mindset, innovation, and passion, Mr. Hitesh Nagpal owes the directorship of the company. After his MBA in Finance, he started contributing to the family business in 2000. With turning millennium and energetic leadership, the company realized a transformation from traditional selling to the modern methods and ideas of building a large-scale firm. He raised a team by collaborating with experienced and right people. He uses his charisma to ignite everyone around him. Using his perseverance as fuel to win the competition, he turned every opportunity a rewarding one for his company. The world is not a limit for him, to collaborate, to associate, to attend the business events and make a presence in exhibitions – ‘Fastener Fair Delhi 2016’, ‘National Fasteners Expo, Las Vegas, USA’, ‘Fastener Fair Mumbai 2012’, ‘Fastener Fair Mumbai 2014’, ‘Fastener Fair Mumbai 2018’, ‘INDEE Bangladesh 2020 Partnership for Growth by EEPCINDIA held in Jan 2020’. His team calls him a ‘Self-driven Enterpriser’, ‘Articulative BusinessMan’, ‘Opportunistic’, ‘Modern Era Tycoon’, ‘Compassionate’ and so on. And yet, he follows a very simple lifestyle saying, “Confidence to stand alone, courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others is a real Passion for achieving collective success.”

*A star rated export house recognized by govt of india*