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Pipeline Industry

In the wake of modernization & technological up-gradation, the consumption of petroleum products in India has been growing to a greater extent. The Supplementary refineries capacity is being created along with the augmentation of the existing refineries. Consequently, technological advancement of existing pipeline infrastructure is becoming essential for its storage & transportation to meet the increased demand. This increase in capacity requirement is also tackled by an alteration in the primary energy source of India on account of its substitution of petroleum by natural gas and is expected to increase significantly in the upcoming time. Taking consideration of this plan of expansion in refineries and natural gas, the pipeline industry infrastructure is being equipped with better equipment and material. Thus, there is a magnificent scope of material manufacturers, suppliers, and the correct type of fasteners selection to meet the escalated demands of the pipeline industry. CBH offers you a wide range of fasteners made up of both high tensile and mild steel with availability in various shapes and designs. These pipeline fasteners are available in the category of Anchor fasteners, pipe clamps, studs, threaded rods, nuts, bolts, and washers. Some of the fasteners are also available in the detachable constructions for quick disassembly to allow pipes to be upgraded or repaired. All the fasteners are available for domestic and industrial purposes depending upon the requirement. Please see the detailed specification on its respective page.

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