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Refinery Industry

To comply with extremely specialized demands in the refinery industry, where safety and security are of prime importance, CBH refinery fasteners provide you wide range and excellent quality fasteners. We offer you all types of fasteners which are extensively used in petrochemical projects, refinery industry, energy sector, defense comprising of high-temperature pipelines. Capital Bolts and Hardwares is a leading supplier of bigger diameters size Nuts and Bolts required in oil and gas plant installation. With an exclusive team dedicated to the refinery industry market segment, CBH has been well-equipped to meet the high standard & specifications required in the refinery industry. Being one of the largest inventory holders in India, CBH produces & maintains more than 20K SKU's across the complete fasteners supply chain. Our specialized project team helps in meeting the customization requirement of fasteners from the design stage to final production. We manufacture B7 studs bolts, 2H Nuts which are extensively used in the refinery industry in Hot Dip galvanized and black phosphate finish using high tensile and stainless steel grade to ensure the highest standard of excellence. The product-wise catalog describes the types of refinery industry fasteners available with CBH to help you choose the product as per your application requirement.