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Automobile Industry

CBH provides you a wide range of fasteners required in manufacturing automobiles or in the assembly process of all types of vehicles. With our 60 years plus experience in the fasteners industry, we understand your exact need for fasteners and bring you the most suitable fasteners required to your respective automobiles or vehicles. We are the major supplier of Hex head bolts, hex-headed cap screws, and studs. These are the most common fasteners used in the automobile industry and play an important role in the locking and pivoting function. Apart from this CBH fasteners have great application for the interior, exterior, body, and assembly of automobile parts. We deal in the highest quality automotive fasteners range from Bolts, nuts, screws, washers, couplings, bushings, flanges, Retainers, rivets, clips and clamps, sheet metal screws, self-drilling screws.

*A star rated export house recognized by govt of india*