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Anti Theft Bolt


CBH provides the latest anti-theft bolts utilizing cutting-edge technology and the latest machinery. These bolts are considered to be secure and uncrackable. It is fabricated using premium quality mild steel and long wires. Owing to their robust construction, it offers a longer service period and anti-corrosive nature.

Anti-theft bolts are primarily used in industries where robust permanent security fixings are required. Therefore, it is widely used in power transmission towers like electric and mobile towers. Anti-theft bolts have their application as security screws in solar panels, jails, security fencing, etc. where temper proofing is a vital feature.

Capital Bolts and Hardware's follow a very stringent quality control through a number of parameters monitored to rule out every possibility of defect. Additionally, we provide customized Anti Theft Bolts on the basis of their head type, thread length, material type, and finishes to serve all customer needs.

*A star rated export house recognized by govt of india*