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Serrated Washers

A serrated washer is also known as Vibration Proof Washers. Serrated lock washers increase the friction between the bolt head/nut and the mating surface. Serrated washers have the unique feature of serrations on internal surfaces. When final flattening of the safety washer occurs with tightening of the screw, these serrations bite into the mating faces, thus preventing loosening of the screw, nut, bolt, etc due to vibration. They are available in various sizes to fit bolts or screws.
Serrated Washers are fitted internally to the equipment before a lock nut and act as an anti-vibration device to prevent the Cable Gland or accessory from inadvertently loosening in service.
Often used on cable gland entry threads, these washers come in stainless steel as standard but can be made in a number of materials upon Customer request.
Mostly used in a situation where vibrating heavy machinery such as mud, shakers, vibrating machine or pump, drilling equipment
This prevents the accessory from inadvertently loosening during the application’s process.